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1783: At the close of the Revolutionary War, another Treaty of Paris established the boundary line between Great Britain (Canada) and the United States. Deflecting his pencil to the north of the middle line drawn through Lake Superior upon the crude map, he determined the division of land and included the large island of Isle Royale as a possession of the United States.1796: In August, the British flag was finally lowered because of long delays in communication and reluctance of a military contingent to turn over its authority.The ancient miners had evidently raised it about five feet and then abandoned the work as too laborious.” Other 5,000 and 6,000 pound masses were found on similar crib work.1856: The largest mass of copper in the world to date was discovered.Approximately 9,000 years ago, the Great Lakes achieved their current definition.Water levels would have been high near the time of the final glacier melt enabling human travel along ancient trade routes.Soil conditions indicate that at one time the Wisconsin River was several miles wide in the center part of the state, and the escarpment of Door County as an ancient shoreline proves examples of this.

1843: The Ontonagon Boulder was shipped to the Smithsonian Institution, where it still resides.It yielded vast quantities of copper both in ancient, as well as in modern times.Records made over twelve years at the turn of the century reveal that two and one-half million tons of copper passed through the Soo Locks. Yet, beneath each and every modern copper mine was an ancient pit mine.1666-1667: Father Claude Allouez was the first white man to see Michigan copper.His reports in Jesuit Relations (1632 to 1673) attracted earliest attention to the Great Lakes area.

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