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Before a speed-dating event, the young adults filled out questionnaires about more than 100 traits and preferences that have been identified as "relevant" to choosing a mate.Then study participants met multiple people of the opposite sex in four-minute speed dates.One is the fact that study participants were all of similar ages, late teens and early- to mid-twenties.The other was the short duration, by definition, of speed dates.After speed dating, they rated their interactions and attraction to each person they "dated." Joel and her co-authors, Paul W.Eastwick of University of California Davis and Eli J.

The technology randomly sampled different combinations or traits and preferences thousands of times to try to predict attraction as accurately as possible.This book follows the Family Life Education framework to examine marriages, families, and intimate relationships.Throughout the text, theories from the fields of sociology, family studies, psychology, lifespan human development, and other social sciences are integrated so that they can be applied to real life situations.His story is of particular interest because he met his future bride through an online dating service.As Joel noted, services can provide a pool in which to find people you might not otherwise encounter.

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"Her words jibe with my online dating experience," De Wall wrote.

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