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You see, such cliched suggestions do not address the heart of the problem - the gross inequities, conditions and obstacles in the US dating market, which are too numerous to even count. Now do you think that simply being more proactive in your community and life or learning BS artificial "social skills" is going to remedy all that?! (especially if you don't have status, looks, wealth, fame, height, race, etc.

It's an The average man can't just go out and "get" a girl he likes anytime for a romantic date, sex, or even simple companionship.

Instead, he has to wait years for a girl to "magically" fall in love with him and give him what he wants from the opposite sex.

One has to depend on the unpredictable forces of destiny, in other words.

This is the "normal" process for an average guy in America, and if he complains about it, then he's seen as a "negative whiney loser", so he must pretend like everything is fine and that there's nothing wrong.

So, what many guys do is when they finally do get a girl after years of loneliness and sexlessness, they desperately hold onto her for life, knowing that she's the only thing keeping them from returning to the dreaded singles scene for men in America.

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Now we all know that the dating scene in North America is dysfunctional beyond words, and a nightmarish hell for men with gross inequities of epic proportions.

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  1. His disgust and frustration is real and palpable and relatable, and amidst all the jokes, there’s some great insight here into a universal fear that almost all people experience at one point or another.