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The star itself usually didn't stamp too well, and it just looks like a misshapen dent, as in the photo at left. I photographed that one on a Model 600/43 rather than a Model 900. The central stamp, the year code, would of course vary, depending on just when a particular gun was proofed.

Guns with this triad would also use the P-bomb stamp as the single proof elsewhere.

And sometimes guns shipped directly to a Spanish military or police organization weren't proofed, perhaps on the theory that the military would do its own testing of the product before acceptance, something not practical for civilian customers.

big problems like, say, the approach of World War 2.

Again, this stamp might appear by itself, or as the final part of the triad.

An early one - a shield with saltire couped (shortened diagonal cross - in this case, maybe a representation of crossed rifles) surmounted by a crown.

And so far as I've seen, it invariably appears with the "P. Whatever the stamp above is, this is the late version which replaced it.

The shield with saltire couped was unchanged, but the crown was replaced with a visored helm with weird lines spring out of it - perhaps meant to represent plumes. The Spanish Republic was formed immediately after King Alfonso XIII fled the country in 1931, so I suppose the crown really had to go. Antaris tells us only, "An early Eibar proof, it was associated with the early Eibar house proof.

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But on the 900 Series Astras things weren't equal - most of the left side of the frame wasn't frame, but a sideplate.

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